The Oath

The Oath

An oath has been sworn

A peace has been conquered

A harmony has been reestablished

The essences of two souls have mixed and meddled

Putting together their gifts and their wounds

Their love and their shadows

For a long moment a draw occurred

One foot dancing on each plane

The two souls were trapped between heaven and hell

sometimes tasting of beauties and delicacies

other times abusing and abused of lovelessness

the draw continued, until a decision was made

and an oath sworn

From now on, the two souls will accept one single lighthouse as a guide

they will let go of the part of hell within them, letting it wither and die

and they will finally take their first steps into heaven



“The Oath” is a watercolor Chantal Peguiron and me painted together


About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. You will also come across many paintings by Chantal Peguiron that are intimately related to my artwork. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. If you like it, don’t hesitate to subscribe and follow me on social media! May you have an inspiring visit!

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