Transparent Mountain

Transparent Mountain

I’m walking toward iced mountains where

the soil is transparent, showing what happens underneath

rocks are crystal like and the ice resembles glass

there’s an entire world hidden from me

that is now revealing itself to my eyes


It’s a very silent and quiet world

a place where the droplets of melting water falling in the pits are the noisiest thing happening

everything is frozen but those pits where water flows, those pits that call loudly to my curiosity

what if I let myself drop in one of those

I imagine the world that is hiding underground, beneath the layer of crystal rocks

I see large luminous caverns punctuated by the subtle noise of water

I see sculpture of ice carved all around, with rivers flowing in between

I see an alien civilization prospering there, a town of stalactites and stalagmites observing one another

a town of not one but two people confronting each other, lowlanders and highlanders building their castles in ice and crystal

there’s so much beauty in there, and yet so much incomprehension

so much love crackled by mistrust and fear of the unknown


What if this city was the place where I was groomed and I had always lived

stalactites and stalagmites growing so, so slowly, one century after another

me, dwelling in the lower town, and you towering over me in the upper town

centuries of closeness and yet centuries of getting used to ignore one another

you making a science of studying the outer world, and me focusing on the inner world within my roots

when will we merge our wisdom, our flames

and together light the transparent mountain, making of it a beacon in the world and beyond