Twinkling Clouds

Twinkling Clouds

I look at the twinkling clouds

awed at their resemblance with a starry sky

and I pray, I beg, for a little bit of rain


“Oh mighty and beautiful clouds

you’ve been adrift for so long

and I have so missed your presence

your tears of sadness and joy and your bolts of anger

I’ve missed them all

Oh beloved clouds, gratify me with your presence

hug me in love and kiss me as only you know how to do

watering the arid hills of my heart”


But the clouds continue their way without looking at me

and I continue with my supplications


“You don’t know how much I have suffered these last months

don’t you want to outpour a little bit of your love in my chest

so that the next time you come over me there will be greening hills teeming with life

instead of this barrenness that discourages the most determined journeyer”


My words drift in the air together with the clouds

unable to reach them, unable to stop them

and then I understand I must look inward

toward this blue core that both the hills and the clouds share

perhaps instead of shouting and screaming and crying

I should gently stroke my heart whispering lullabies of love

instead of despairing I should rejoice of all the beauty that is in me

and I should accept the drought that bakes my land and instead dance together with the dried grass and the weathered shrubs as the wind blows

then, only then, so focused will I be in my own enjoyment

that I won’t notice the creeping clouds envious of joining this feast

I will only feel them as the first drops of rain moisten my body

and a bewitching scent flatters my nostrils

“You have come back to me,” I will whisper

“I was never truly gone,” will she reply embracing me with her eyes

and wrapping me in a cloak of love