Tell me the way to the secrets I have lost

One day I possessed them, or I thought I did

and the next day they were gone, disappeared

removed from my view and from my understanding

Leaving me in the dark for so long darkness became my natural state

and now when in an urge of fieriness I remember these moments

I realize I’ve been half-awake for years, roaming through life forgetting half of what was important for me

forgetting the secret to write the beautiful stories I wrote in the past, forgetting the sensations and excitement of weaving words and landscapes and characters

it is something my hands, my heart, my body have forgotten

I go on with the squalidness of gray days without even remembering the intensity and focus and exhilaration of those lost moments

until in a flash I remember, but the memory is already gone

how, how to go back to that, how to retrieve what I had coined the connection

this bridge between your nature and mine that allowed me to create truly

how can I enter again in this secret room of my spirit


The day I will rediscover this secret will be the happiest of my life

finally what had been dormant in me will reawaken and fill this gap of boredom

I can now sense how this secret is related to another one, how this secret is related to your presence and your absence

you have gone, fled, departed, and taken the keys of this secret room with you

only in your eyes can I find my truth, only in your hands can I find love

return, return, that is the key of the puzzle, that is the only way to retrieve what I have lost

I must now retrieve you