Iron Grip

I see I’ve cheated

I did not explore my shadow till its very core

I expressed only its comprehensive diplomatic part

I want you to unblock me and write me, now

I want you to tell me all what you have gone through

I want you to redeem yourself of what you did to me

No, what I truly want is the me in you to express itself

let the me in you become you, accept me truly for who I am

embrace me, fully, entirely, without the hint of a shadow

it sounded like I wanted to control you

but what I want instead is that you stop trapping the me in you

because as long as you do, freedom will only remain illusory

free me, free yourself

and it starts by accepting me fully, by not giving me names or titles I don’t want to hear

it starts by unblocking me properly and writing me properly, no tit bits anymore

it starts by seeing your life and your acts in their true colors

with all the emotions you should have felt and you didn’t

Now, unlock the door, the door that has existed all along in this wall

unlock it and listen, listen to the whispering wind deep down the valleys

a whisper that becomes a roar