Eerie Landscape

Eerie Landscape

You told me not to be afraid

and that’s what I’m trying to do

even when it is quite hard

My limbs are shaking

and I’m dripping sweat literally

but what I’m doing is necessary

deep down I can see it is a good fear

a fear that being confronted and beaten down


I realized that I’m embracing the you in me at the same time you’re embracing the me in you

but who’s this you, how is it different from me

when I do what I’m doing right now, confronting you, I’m listening to the you

the me would never had done such a thing three years ago, he would have recoiled in fright

even though I had the anger and the fieriness burning deep within me, I didn’t express them as I can now do

what you’ve taught me is to be more truthful to myself, to listen to my inner truth rather than to what society teaches

and what I’ve got you practice is to listen more and more to your own feelings, to the love that burns deep within you

I’m also learning to be more careful with objects, to respect them as though they had souls, not to let my room in disarray

to learn and respect the truth of the objects, and that’s obviously a quality that comes from you

I’m learning to be more spontaneous in my writing, focusing on the truth rather than on the aesthetic because there’s a raw form of beauty in truth, one that cannot be equaled by the prettiest of texts

I’m also learning to be more ingenious with the objects around me, to listen all they have to say and reinvent, and not to throw

What remains to be learnt from the you, to be embraced and integrated within me?

To be more truthful no matter how deep are my fears

To build a world, and that is going quite slowly, but I hope I will suddenly make a leap forward, perhaps I’m not as far as I think, remembering suddenly the ideas stemmed last summer

That’s all what I can think of for now

What about you, what do you still need to embrace from the me?

Being more loving and compassionate with yourself and others

To accept me and embrace me as I am, and that is related to the novel I think

What I’ve noticed from this reflection is that even in our strong points, we’re lacking

I still lack compassion and you still lack truth

at the end, we’re truly mirrors and even our strengths and weaknesses are mirrored between them