Shifting World

The world I know

the world I thought I knew

is shifting around me


As long as I have one foot in the cold hard world

and another foot on the cloud of my dreams

I’m bound to fail

I’m bound not to be happy


Sometimes I try to give a shape to my future

and each time I do, I’m surprised when the future becomes present

because it is not what I expected


Of course, everything is going in the right direction

the decisions I took are fortified each day that passes

my core is sharp and focused, but the nucleus around is still hazy


My future will be very different from how I envision it

because my imagination is still limited by current paradigms

I still don’t ask the right questions

I still wonder how I will earn my living

and I’m ready to sell a tiny fragment of my soul to see the value of my bank account increase


But this is not the way of life, not my life at least

until now I haven’t earned the least pound through my art, and this is not a coincidence

this is a message life has been delivering to me over and over, but I haven’t taken the clue until now

or rather I did understood part of this message in the past, but whenever I smell the perspective of fresh money or success I forget that forged ideal lying deep within me

life has been telling me over and over “son, you shall not earn your life by selling bits of your soul, by making others pay to read your words and see your paintings, this light you share with the world”

I’m not only here to create beautiful and powerful art, but also to help the world change and evolve toward something better

old patterns will not hold for very long, and I can already see them crumbling all around me

I won’t have to worry about money once I understand this precious lesson

I won’t have to sell myself, or separate myself from pieces of my creation, because these pieces belong to me, and they belong to the world

they do not belong to one acquirer in particular

how will all this happen, I’m not sure

all I know is that I’ve been doing my experiences, and each time I try to sell part of my art, life says no

no, you shall keep it all, until it becomes whole

and now I should cast away weakness and indecision from my heart

and instead of tacking between my ideals and my fears, I should do a leap of faith and trust life fully


In an ideal world, in my ideal world, I will have a lot of money so that I do not have to worry at all about it, as though there was no longer money in my world

and I will have entire control over all my art, or rather life through me will have entire control over my creation

this creation will not be used to enrich me further, it will not be the privilege of some elite somewhere in the world

no, this creation will share its light and its love with all the persons who decide to step in my world for the time of a read


Time has come to embrace life with both my hands

to let the storms and the rain and the sun flow through my body without defense

and then when I’ll open my eyes again you will be here in front of me, and you will have been all along

enough listening to the voice of fear and incertitude

enough giving a wide berth to the people formulating opinions and judgments I’m afraid of because they go against my dreams

a painting with a broken glass has more to teach sometimes than a painting in the most beautiful frame

instead of listening to these people, I should attune more and more often to the voice of my dreams in my heart

and drink these words and act as though they were true, until they will become truth