Light Thinking

Light Thinking

Our spirit resembles the depth of an ocean

there are ideas that are heavy and come down to the bottom

other thoughts that are lighter and float

and the lightest may even emerge at the surface


The thoughts that lay at the bottom sediment there

becoming clay and rock and nutrients for plants

The ideas that are light and reach the surface absorb the light of the sun and that of the moon and the stars

when they’ve accumulated enough light they plunge back into the waters, bright and shining

and with the light they provide, they help grass and coral grow

until they extinguish themselves and sink at the bottom if they’ve dried up and have kept nothing valuable but their skin

or rise again to the surface if they’re still gorged with their essence

Meanwhile the new thoughts that have sprouted on the plants or in the coral come to life

Or at least, that’s how a well-functioning spirit works


Often dead ideas start cluttering our mind, they float aimlessly without coming to rest on the ground and nourishing the budding plants there

they prevent us from seeing the light and growing in our thought

How to get rid of these old, unwanted ideas


One common reaction is to let these ideas trick us, to be fooled by their appearance and believe they have more substance to them than their empty shell

Another way to deal with them is to confront them with who we truly are, and understand if these thoughts are stemming from fear or from love

but even then it’s not enough, as long as our self-knowledge is limited, as long as we don’t love ourselves entirely

Then what?

Then getting rid of unwanted thoughts cluttering our mind takes time, it happens only one little step after another

and it involves doing a purge of everything that weighs on us, not only in our mind, but also in our life and in our surrounding

Bring the harmony around you, and it will shine in you too