Full Moon Shines

Full moon snow 2

Full moon snow

The full moon shines

over meadows of snow

and a question arises in my mind

Is it the moon who captured the whiteness of snow

or the snow that feeds itself with the brightness of the moon

A strange symbiosis exists between the two

both are quiet and whispering

and make other colors deepen before them

both know more secrets than the ones they yarn

The snow bears memories of other times

it may tell to the careful ear

and the moon spies on humans all around the globe

often the most intense passions flare up at night

when she strolls across the sky at her own space

peeping from a bedroom window at an embraced couple

casting its silvery shadows over the graying hair of a forlorn man in the street

eyeing a thug who thinks himself stronger and cleverer than the world but is trying to hide a primal fear

the moon understands she secrets of humans because she bears her own shadows

a dark face of hers she exhibits as much as her shining face, a striking absence of light

showing the way to the humans who listen

embrace your shadows, find a balance with them, she whispers from above

and there’s another face of hers she keeps hidden at all times, not because it is a shadow

but because it is her twin face

when you look at twin flames in the world of spirit you see only one face, that of a man and a woman at the same time, interchanging according to what they do and say

When you think of your twin flame, don’t think of her as a separate entity

you are the same soul, you have the same face lit by the light of God

together with her you are like the moon, two half-spheres adding together in a perfect bright sphere

and so great is the harmony between both of you, you only need one pair of eyes to see, one mouth to speak, one heart to beat

Full moon star