Sometimes I like to think of ourselves

not only as single individuals

but as different parts of a dragon

A soul cluster composed of I ignore how many souls make a dragon

and all dragons are of course interrelated

but let’s now focus on the smallest unit, the dragon

the souls composing it are soul sisters, soul friends, who may or may not know each other in the physical world

and they are all interrelated with a strong yet extremely complex web of energy, of thoughts, of feelings

your twin is your perfect mirror, your soul sisters are nearly perfect mirrors, and your soul friends mirror many aspects of your being

each has his own gifts which are different and unique, each has his own individuality

each of these souls has its own characteristics, which we can think of as the basic elements, or the yin  and the yang, as put together these characteristics will complement one another in an intricate way

some of these souls accept their anger and express it and abuse of it, others repress their anger

some of these souls accept their sexuality, and live all their fantasies, while others block that aspect of their person

when your twin behaves as a mirror of opposites, your friends are mirrors of similitude

and when your twin is your mirror of similitude, your friends will show you the other side

it’s all combined in a way to help you see and understand your blind spots

you are in a room with many many mirrors, each acting differently

some mirrors show you your own face, others show you similar faces, others show you your back, your hair, the sole of your feet, who you were and who will you become

and there’s more, your actions have an impact strong or slight over all these mirrors surrounding you

and that’s why I think of these souls clusters as a dragon, as one soul makes a movement, all surrounding souls will make an equivalent motion

and the dragon will go forward, and he will roar, and he will spit fire and he will fly and he will burst clouds to water the lands in want of rain, his own skin that has dried patches

by growing into our true selves we’re helping this dragon to become stronger, and in turn this dragon will carry us to new heights, help us achieve our dreams with new powers we suddenly discover