World Egg

World Egg

I’m carrying the egg of a world in my heart

it’s still in incubation

for its shell is too thick to break


Only when I will have provided the ideal conditions

enough warmth and light

will the egg hatch

and the new-born world open its arms and enfold me


I can already make up some contours of this world

lakes and mountains at dawn, forests and pastures

and strange clouds peeping around

a precious stone to dig for in the soil


I’m impatient, ever impatient

that this world outgrows the egg where it is trapped

and becomes something real and tangible

a place that is only mine and where I never feel threatened

a place that gives me the space to expand into the infinite being I am


About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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