The invisible web of life

I’m discovering how interrelated we all are

bonds that vary in intensity and that are hard to define or grasp as they are ever shifting

this afternoon I was feeling anguished, oppressed, and thought of letting go to my shadows to forget for a moment my anxiousness and relax

I started acting on my impulse, until I received a message of my soul sister, who told me she felt anguished and lonely

once I read her words I understood we both were mirroring one another, trying to fill our emptiness

and when she contacted me, I felt compelled to resist and do what I ought to do

for the negative consequences of my acts, my hypocrisy, my weakness, is not only impacting my person but the ones around me

not in a direct way, as we both were at tens of kilometers from one another

but in an indirect way, where an absence of decision taken is echoed, and weakness calls weakness, and strength calls strength

she and me are often synchronized, both in our shadows, and in our progression toward truth and love

but such bonds also exist with other souls, some stronger and others

with people you know, people you’ve only recently met, and people you’ve never met

we each have our individuality, our uniqueness, our dream, our gifts

and yet our dreams, our personas are all interrelated on an energetic level

we mirror one another acts, thoughts, states of mind without noticing it

we’re like dancers dancing the same choreography in different places in the world

Your twin soul is the one who perfectly mirrors you

then your closest soul friends mirror you to help you, because as long as you don’t see the consequences of your acts on someone else, you might not have a strong enough incentive to progress, as long as you don’t love yourself entirely

and other people mirror you in their own way, showing you sides of your personality you don’t know very well or don’t accept, places where your fears still express themselves