Pressed by time

I’m pressed by time I’m lost on my way should I look at a map and run or should I trust my inner compass and walk at my own pace entrusting life with the responsibility of arriving or not arriving at my appointment  


There still is a lot of smoke to let go from so many shadows to explore before being able to see the wound and bring it to the light   - Poem inspired by an old watercolor of mine (2016)  

Unattainable nectar

I am a larva looking for a transformative nectar I creep along galleries trying to accomplish my quest of being transformed in a golden butterfly   - Poem inspired by an old watercolor of mine (2016)    


Moisten mucous hide forbidden cravings Lowly parts have spirits of their own Things that cannot be expressed in words   - Poem inspired by an old watercolor of mine (2016)  


Why is your face so pale my dear why are your eyes so blurred why are you so distant and unreal as though you were not made of bone and flesh but of a vaporous mist    


An emerald has been found in the mountain it shines with a green blue light surrounded by elements of yellow and red   Hard rock still holds it tightly as if unwilling to let it fulfill its dream of becoming a gem star in the night  

Two islands

Two islands stand over the horizon For years they ignored one another presence They knew there was another mountain not very distant from theirs but they dared not navigate over the ocean and they still ignored mind transportation so they just went on with their ordinary lives building villages, growing crops, grazing animals and sometimes … Continue reading Two islands

Cold wind

A cold stormy wind is blowing over the moors lit by the moon light   The wind is moving like a song twirling graciously around itself rushing at the call of the tree   Its song is a dry, brittle tune lulling the blades of grass out of sleep seeping in the dreams of sheep … Continue reading Cold wind

Heart Chakra

Your heart chakra is still closed the sea is so quiet and uneventful it resembles a lake the volcano is dormant like a mere mountain shreds of pink and green clouds pace in the sky preventing the sun from lighting and warming your heart    

Rising sun

The landscape that was all dark and shapeless a moment ago is now retrieving life, lit in the subtlest of morning colors The spirit of water is out for an instant, to drink in the magic of dawn before disappearing again in waters’ depth The grass on the plains and the hills and the forest … Continue reading Rising sun

Blurred confines

Where is my confine and where is yours do the two meet on a solid fault line do they watch one another from afar with a no man’s land in between or do they intersect and overlap and collide like two worlds coming together to form one    


Several maelstroms are blowing tonight from the place of true love I call the maelstrom of change and let it surround me but the maelstrom of the past is still resisting, unwilling to let me be the maelstrom of change attacks the maelstrom of the past trying to pierce through to reach the wound but … Continue reading Maelstroms

Clearing view

The strong winds that have blown over my spirit during the last months cleared the sky and the sea from the haze that drowned me in perpetual grayness. I finally can see the views surrounding me in their true colors, at least when I try hard enough to. I finally rediscovered how to differentiate the … Continue reading Clearing view

Wrecked Town

An old town lies ahead one that has not been visited since a long time it was beautiful and thriving once but it’s been abandoned ages ago and the very stone it was made from has crept in distorted patterns and grotesque figures sowing fear in the nearby countryside   Someone coming from afar notices … Continue reading Wrecked Town

Inner Voice

For months I strayed, forgetting to listen to my inner voice The dissonance around me was too great to hear this whisper of truth Chaos reigned within me, as I gave more berth to the smoke of doubts than the light of love   Too easily have I forgotten the power of painting the power … Continue reading Inner Voice


Unknowingly, I’ve drawn the landscape of womanhood one of the most sensitive part of the human body the gate to physical togetherness the place through which two become one   There’s a secret kept by the shadow of the mountain something you have never explored something that hides even from yourself   Your body is … Continue reading Womanhood

Green Fires

The land is ablaze it’s sparkling in green what used to be dreary plains are now vibrant bushes of life some trees are iced still while others are swaying in the wind   The haze is gone and mountains have appeared they’re less distant than we’d have imagined here, at hand reach bringing their own … Continue reading Green Fires


Even when I stop writing for one day I feel its lack acutely and a certain worthlessness about all the time that was not spent writing it’s as though I deprived myself of love, forgot about it for a while But why did I not write? I thought to myself that perhaps taking one step … Continue reading Flickering

Golden Mist

I look around me but the mist has grown denser flattening the volume of the world before me   I try to peep beyond the mist   I see waters rising all around me waves shattering on the fragile platform where I am standing and the heaving breathing, sneezing of the sea spraying me with … Continue reading Golden Mist

Windy Autumn Day

The grass has bloomed and baked all summer long and now it’s swaying in the wind that blows from the West soon the first rains will fall and cool the air and then the frost will still the grass and harden the land stifling and killing all what is meant to go  

I pardon you

Yesterday night and this morning waking up I felt a tight oppression an inability to write and express myself until I understood I understood you were waiting for me to pardon you to pardon the you in me and once I understood, the oppression receded I pardon you, my dear I pardon you how could … Continue reading I pardon you

Iron Grip

I see I’ve cheated I did not explore my shadow till its very core I expressed only its comprehensive diplomatic part I want you to unblock me and write me, now I want you to tell me all what you have gone through I want you to redeem yourself of what you did to me … Continue reading Iron Grip


Have you seen the two-headed creature dormant in the clay it’s almost symmetrical at first sight, as though the two heads were identical but upon closer inspection they’re not   This creature is wounded, it has two wounds, two different pains and yet it has one sole body of green where the sap flows   … Continue reading Two-Headed


There are drawings of twisted lines and shapes gone wrong I always kept hidden Masked is one of those drawings I drew several months ago but never showed to the world It revealed the lie, the mask of stone and wood and stained glass I wore but surely I was not ready to see it … Continue reading Masked


I have a strange passion for statistics I’m capable of reading for hours weather tables soccer and formula one results I find a strange excitement in those numbers numbers are an approximation of reality they will never summarize who we are they cannot tell the story of what happened it’s more an end result, or … Continue reading Statistician


There is one part in you that wishes that I write you this same part in me that wants me to write you, to resume our correspondence but that’s not how it will happen this time in the past I used to trample over your lands to force you to confront your fears, confronting mine … Continue reading Desire


You’ve given me what I cannot find on myself directions in which to walk charcoal to fuel my writing and now it is my turn to reciprocate with a word, ingenuity, and a drawing   The wind has blown fiercely from the north for nights and days rainstorms and snowstorms have fallen upon our heads … Continue reading Ingenuity

Cloud Island

Have you seen the flickering flames dancing in the grass are these fires or thunderbolts Have you seen the clouds moving in the sky as though they were islands and how cloudy-like the ocean is   Again I’ve painted the sea and the sky two infinities that mirror one another and meet on the horizon … Continue reading Cloud Island

Memory Holes

There are holes in the memory areas where the gallery has collapsed, blocking the way there are places where a color from the past is associated to the color from another life as an echo of a wound to live again and heal you reach there to grasp that elusive memory and suddenly you are … Continue reading Memory Holes


A village lost a name forsaken from lips and from maps all what remain are stones the wood ceilings have rotten and fallen exposing the houses from within What fate has doomed these people the rambler wonders   And yet these barren stones are more truthful than the standing houses they are sign of a … Continue reading Bjarrine

Sunday Blues

For years and years, I felt sad on Sundays every hour that passed further increased that sadness the weekend was ending, the next day I’d be trapped again by school and obligations All day long I had this bitterness, this anguish, eating me from the inside and I could never relax and enjoy my time, … Continue reading Sunday Blues


Sometimes I like to think of ourselves not only as single individuals but as different parts of a dragon A soul cluster composed of I ignore how many souls make a dragon and all dragons are of course interrelated but let’s now focus on the smallest unit, the dragon the souls composing it are soul … Continue reading Dragons


When the land and the heaven kiss a storm is born in between their lips stretching and stretching until for a moment the land can’t see the heaven anymore shadowed by heaps of billowing clouds   However in the land’s heart there always are some traces of heaven marshes that in their flowery patterns reminisce … Continue reading Kissing

World Egg

I’m carrying the egg of a world in my heart it’s still in incubation for its shell is too thick to break   Only when I will have provided the ideal conditions enough warmth and light will the egg hatch and the new-born world open its arms and enfold me   I can already make … Continue reading World Egg

A whisper

Lausanne has been cushioned with snow today and it brings me three years back in time when my hopes were still fresh and green and brisk when every street was so full of mystery when every stone building fascinated me as though I wasn’t seeing it entirely as though there were words and stories it … Continue reading A whisper