Iced Land

Iced Land

Slowly the North Pole is melting

an iced land is eaten away by the ocean

and the geography I studied when I was a kid starts shifting

islands disappear under the rising seas

coastlines retreat further and further

what was knowledge, stable truth, is proved wrong

temperatures rise, what were mild gardens become torrid steppes

where the snow accumulated all winter long, it barely falls anymore


The world is changing, growing, ageing

just like we are constantly evolving along our life journey

the world accumulates experiences just as we do

the grotto that for thousands of years has remains unexplored reveals its secrets to our eyes

surely, the footbridges and platforms and picture flashes are going to hurt

but nonetheless the grotto still tolerates to be visited and impoverished in its natural wealth

for it is gaining another sort of wisdom

animals accept to be killed by bullets experiencing pain and treachery and anger and death

by being wiped away, they prove to human beings that living in their shadows is not sustainable

that’s what the world at large has been doing

trying to come closer to infinity, to love by increasing global growth and wealth

that’s what many of us do on an individual level, and the sum of all our acts leads to the consequences we’re foreseeing

when we go to the supermarket and do our groceries of unseasonal fruits and vegetables that grow in another part of the world, of goods packed in plastic or aluminum of glass

we don’t see the consequences of our acts, since supermarkets wares are soon replenished, in packages as pristine as the one we just consumed

and for years no one has given all that dynamic a second thought, as people had many other more important things to think about

after all civilization was ever developing and expanding, unrooting sickness and poverty

and yet this very civilization making our lives more comfortable has expanded at a high toll

one that in turn threatens to dissipate and destroy part of or all the progress that has been made


Is it acceptable to let civilization alter or destroy the world as we know it?

but can we bend this fate at an individual level?

I’m not asking the right question, at an individual level I can’t change anything but myself

I can perhaps inspire other people, but that won’t come up easily, as long as I’ve not found my inner balance

When I have energy I will have more satisfaction in planting my own mint instead of buying it, and drying it before wintry colds

I will be happier to do things myself, or to buy things that are made by people who are happy in what they do

I will be happier to fill again and again the same bottle of vinegar instead of throwing it every month to buy a new one in an anonymous supermarket

What I understand is that generally, on the long run, the behavior that are the most respectful of nature will make me the happiest, will bring me the closest to myself, will irradiate a positive light around me

they will push me to be less lazy, more active, to walk more, to be more crafty and creative

However that won’t prevent the Arctic to melt and the places I love to get warmer and more desertic

that won’t prevent cities from sprawling and mountains and plains from being disfigured

that won’t even cancel my impact as I’ll continue to consume water, to heat myself in winter cold, and cook my food, as these are few basic commodities I consider for now essential to survive

Most people around the globe will still need much more than that


The world as we know it is doomed to change

But have we ever known the world

We think of ourselves, we think of Earth as an entity frozen in time

but Earth is no more frozen than we are

and nowadays we are changing at a very fast pace allowed by modernity


My poems about the so called environmental crisis always seem to go in every direction

because I’ve always been very sensitive to that, it’s always caused me deep existential questioning

and I still haven’t understood all the wisdom I’ve been accumulating

I know I shouldn’t be anguished, I shouldn’t worry, I shouldn’t even spend thought on those mathematical changes such as temperatures increase

but why exactly is hard for me to express

because I have faith in the divine

because each experience in this universe is valuable, even a planet that destroys itself, that’s nothing when weighed again the immortality of souls

of course, that would be sad, I have so many memories attached to Earth

destroying Earth day after day is our collective shadow, little acts of unlove perpetuated like an infinity of ripples over the ocean

Is it this lack of love that I see in the world that is troubling me?

Or rather a more basic anguish, this need to survive I have and I see threatened?

In either cases it’s related to a lack of faith in life I still have

and an anguish to control my surroundings

mirroring you, my twin of truth and love who still tries to control her feelings


Why am so afraid to see my surroundings upside down

so afraid of earthquakes and global warming

so afraid of changes to what was the perfection I knew in my childhood

Why are you so afraid to accept all your emotions

to let them guide you instead of trying to keep them on a tight leash

you’re afraid to do things you don’t truly want to do

you’re afraid to end up again in a situation like the one which caused your wound

by riding your feelings, you ride the winds of life and you see them as threatening

by accepting my surroundings change, I accept that my childhood is no longer

I accept that I will find another happiness, whether on Earth or elsewhere that will be even deeper

I trust in life deeply, and stop fearing that the most beautiful times I’ve had were when I was a child and that anything that happens that disrupts my memories, my surroundings, is taking me farther from that happiness

Now, right now, I understand why I wrote this poem

I understand why I still lose hours checking weather statistics over countries I’ve never been to, and weather forecasts several times per day

I understand why I am so anguished about those irreversible changes that diminish nature as I knew it, as I was familiar with and love so much when I was a child

And I understand why you’re still being silent, entrenched in your fear of being dragged by your emotions, dragged to places you don’t trust anymore, dragged to the very nature you’ve lost, because that would bring back all the memories you’ve tried to forget making it seem for a moment history repeats itself and you receive another stab where you’ve already been stabbed once


Now I will let the iced land of my heart thaw and melt

and this new-found warmth will give birth to all the seeds that have been dormant under the frost

and I will let the climates change as they wish, as the souls who take care of the Earth judge best

and I will enjoy each day that passes, rainy or dry, cold or warm, each moment of the day, focusing on this new-found love


About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!


  1. Pourquoi tu crois que l’enfance est le meilleur? moi je ne sens pas ça
    La fin m’a émue je pense que c’était toi à travers le texte.
    Je t’adore prenez soin de vous deux

    Liked by 1 person

  2. magnifique ciel! Erik!
    l’orange et le rose!

    Liked by 1 person

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