Mirror Island

Mirror Island

A new day is dawning over my heart

it’s coloring the sky in hues of green and purple

and casting the shadows of its promises over the sea


This dawn is not complete yet

the sun would be too bright to look at

there still is an unexplored island in the archipelago of my soul

an island that is darker than the ones where I usually dwell


This island is a portal between worlds

a bridge between you and me and our dream

it’s whistling the promises of its marvels to the air

and yet we both shy away from it in fright

The happiness it describes is too intense

The powers it yarns about are unearthly and unheard of

This island promises true eternal love

but before to see this love your heart must be pure and luminous as a star

because this island reflects who you are right now to your face

and it’s scary to see the shadows that roam in you

it’s harsh to see we are not yet our dreamed self

it’s troubling to see yourself in a mirror, without the coat of make-up we usually cover our truth with

And so we prefer to turn our backs to this magical island

and instead focus our attention on mundanities

to avoid being sucked away by this infinity

forgetting that we will never be truly happy as long as we don’t explore this island and meet over there


Once we brave our fears and become pure enough in truth and love

this island will fill with light and life

and we will meet again as though we had never met before

it will be the first time we truly see each other

the first time we are able to embrace each other without fears

without fear of suffocating with the intensity of this love

without fear of running away

there our bodies, minds and heart will align

and the two broken shards of mirror

will become a moon reflecting the sun, a new world to explore