Fear to love

Another fear has seized me now

it’s not anymore the fear not to have a right to exist

but the fear of being rejected once again

the fear to have the door of love slammed in my face and to be thrown outside in the cold

it prevents me from thinking of anything else

it takes away my appetite

this fear is over present and overwhelming

I can’t have faith in love because of the past

because of all the times you’ve drawn me close and rejected me

I dare not to hope

and if I hoped I feel even worse

because the idea of hopes shattering is very painful


And I think of you, I think of you

who’s afraid to hope, to trust to have faith to let me come even closer from you

how can you do that when the last time you did you were betrayed

wrecking your childhood, depriving you of love and warmth

destroying this bond of trust you had

is it this fear we are sharing

this fear of having faith in love

in having faith that the future will not be like the past

and that there is happiness in store for us