Can you see your eyes in mine

Again, you’re waiting for my words and fearing them

you want me to reach to you beyond that wall that you can’t put down

this wall that prevents me from seeing your eyes and listening to your words

There are days like today I have troubles to do what’s right, I lose my focus and it’s hard to regain it

You’re smothering with your emotions, with a tight oppression

you want to take action but your arms are tied

you want to shout by there’s a node in your throat

you want to cry but tears are still distant, blocked away

You won’t be happy, you won’t be happy as long as you keep this wall within you

as long as you ignore and block one part of yourself

this part of yourself I so strikingly mirror before your eyes and your ears

that shy away from the brightness of this truth

I don’t know, I don’t know how to help you

The only way is to write and write and be more and more conscious

until you lower down this wall

until you accept to look at me again

to look in your own eyes, in your own depth


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