Wintry gloom

Winter gloom

Clouds are casting their moving shadows over the freezing river

and in the midst of winter’s gloom a bit of hope colors up the sky


When will the river stop carrying boulders of ice

and its flow quiet down to a whisper

letting the traveler cross its waters again


When will the sky clear

and reveal a blueness so deep

it hurts the eyes


When will the mountains teem again with life

and the damp fields of grass

transform into flowery meadows


When will the worlds I have dreamed of

appear before my eyes

and let me explore them as the eager child I once was


The winter is coming to an end

but often the night is darkest just before dawn

and the breeze is coldest right before thaw

A few more weeks of gloom

and the landscape will transform

reborn in the cuddles of a warming sun