Mirrored Shadows

And so my shadows mirror yours

you wish me to disappear

when I wish you to be ever present


How do we balance that

each time I do a step forward in your direction

you do a step backward


And we’re helping each other

by pushing one another shadow to the extreme

if I retreat and huddle in an angle

you’re not going to come toward me all the same


We have accepted to dance together long ago

and now we can’t stop in the middle of this intricate choreography

we must go on, as much as it hurts, as much as it awakens in the pain and the lack of love in us

go on, go on, strike faster, move faster

by performing this dance we have tacitly agreed to growingly embrace our shadows, fearlessly

until when no fear will remain, and the shadow will be gone

so after all the fight is not against shadows, but against fears

a mad dance to defeat fear

a dance of truth and love and shadows to become free