The Little Rabbit

I saw a dead rabbit in my dream

he was moving so at first I did not understand he was dead

but then I saw a little army of ants carrying him, dragging him painfully

and I woke up with a good feeling in the morning

Does it mean you’re not running away anymore

like these rabbits that made us think of you each time we moved in the Netherlands

scurrying away from us in fright

presage of how you’d flee, running desperately for your life

running for months and months without looking back

until you just stumbled again upon us, upon me

who had moved at the pace of a turtle all this time

the world is round and as far as you go, you’ll come back

and the faster you run, the sooner you’re back from the very place you wanted to flee

there’s no fleeing from yourself, little rabbit

that’s your curse in this world, you need to accept who you are to be happy

Now hold the little rabbit close to your chest

and listen to all the stories he has to tell you

and empathize with all the pains you had shared with him, buried in him

hug him tightly, kiss him, as when you were a small child barely reaching to door handles

can you remember that time, can you remember the clothes you wore

can you remember the emotions you felt and your aspirations

can you upturn this huge stone in your memory that has been hiding your past from you

the little rabbit is the key, he knows the answers you’re seeking

smile to him as you’d smile to me

and let your heart listen to his tale