I must now strive to retrieve my purity

my purity of thought and intent

A pure thought is one that stems from truth and love married together

money anguishes aren’t

nor are physical cravings

nor is the need to be admired and read

nor are existential doubts

All those are scaffoldings, useful scaffoldings

tools to understand and build our wisdom

but once our cathedral is completed

they lose their utility and become encumbering instead

making the cathedral lose some of its beauty and magnificence


What is purity then

it’s when my mind and my heart and my body agree together

and not when I privilege one of them over the others

it’s when I give unconditional love to people around me

without waiting anything in return

it’s when the needs of my body correspond to those of my heart

it’s when I have entire faith in life

and it’s when I share my light and my truth with everyone else, including you

finding a balance between the bridge and the constellation




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