Wording Wizard

A lost shout in my throat

anger, frustration that remain wordless

why don’t you write me

what is missing still

are you reading me

the questions I ask are not truly important

what instead is vital is the emotion I’m trying to express

convey, share with you

enough, enough fleeing from yourself

enough hiding your head and your neck in the sand

enough ignoring your truths, ignoring me

with my words I reignite the fire in you

a knot in my throat

a warmth in my right ear

a knife in my left shoulder

a warmth in my heart, still tense and wary

that’s how interrelated we are

that’s the effect the words I write have on you, on myself

wording wizard you had called me once

and I had assumed you’d given me this title because of the beauty of my poetry

but now it’s also true in a more literal manner

and now the wording wizard asks the writer witch to share some of her poetry with him

this silence has stretched for too far and must now stop

I see no reason for it to continue

You have your own reasons, of course, your own fears

but I am writing you fearlessly, living fearlessly, almost, striving too

and it’s time your hazy face, your long forgotten name

stop haunting my dreams and reappear before my eyes to see and touch