Free me

From the way the back of my head throbs and cracks

I believe you’re reading me, you’ve received my words

not only in your heart but before your eyes


Do do do do something

I want my words to be shaped by the music I listen to

do something with the emotions you are feeling

draw write and stop hiding yourself

ah, you’re hiding because of me

you’re hiding because I expose myself too much

because I’m always awaiting for people appreciation, selfishly

and you’re just too selfless

and perhaps you prefer to be finished before the world reads you

which I understand, but now time has come to start showing your light

and let it shine in your eyes

and stop hiding those eyes of yours

do my words lack of sense, perhaps

but you must be as mad as me, since I’m only mirroring you


Heat invades my left hand, after my arm

are you crying again

remembering the emotions you’ve avoided for long

am I too harsh with you, you think

but that’s what lends me energy tonight, so I will be harsh

as harsh as you could be


React, react

I shout in your ear

the dragon in your heart shouts too

React, free me