Fracturing view

Fracturing view

What is this wall

I see between you and I


Already the first signs of fracture

are showing up in the sky

ready to shatter this vision I’ve had


Never a painting

could have been more accusing

showing you

the truths you’ve refused to see



After the vision has fulfilled

the traveler stops among a ruined portal

and an overgrown grove


It’s strange to see how the wrecks left beyond an army

but here it was the wind alone

that tore apart the stitched stones


This moving wall is a noose

you hold to protect yourself

and I tighten around your throat

in a deadly strife


But this time we both are afraid

we’d both prefer let the wind work alone

and sit quietly watching

respecting each other space and thresholds


Or perhaps that’s not fear

but wisdom we’ve grown in

truth that shines brighter within

for when I lash out at you

I should lash myself too

and when you hurt me

you should hurt yourself too