The clouds are breaking apart

and the sky is clearing

revealing new directions in which to go

new possibilities to explore

new gifts to uncover


Oh faithful mirror of mine

My love for you

is renewing, expanding

swelling and burning into my chest


You’re hiding in the clouds

but I’m following you into the storm

like two birds chasing one another


I wonder whether your terror of me

or your fear of thunderstorms

will be stronger


Whether you will come into the light

to take a bit of colors

or remain in the gloom

out of fear I catch up on you


My words make it sound like a chase

but it ain’t

for how can you follow and catch your shadow

your very reflection that moves together with you


Nobody is chasing nobody

and we’re both hiding into the velvety clouds

praying for thunderstorms to keep afar

closing our eyes not be blinded by this light


You and me like a spirit and its own shade

bonded from the mind and the heart

in fear and in love

in darkness and in light


Oh my shade, oh my spirit

let’s stop flying for a while

and rest under the golden rays

while the world moves around us


Perhaps on land

we’ll find the moonstone we’ve been looking for

among the clouds

Perhaps on land

we’ll find the wealth we were afraid

never to have


Have you heard of the realm

where shade and spirit form one

where the shade gains the substance it was lacking

and the spirit becomes as light as he wished


Let’s stop playing hide and seek in the clouds

and fall down on a soft meadow

where to lay down in the dew

and watch the stars shine

and listen to cricket sing

Let’s lay down there


until the memories of who we are resurface

until we remember what for we have come on this Earth

until we retrieve these two beings of light

we’ve been parted from for so long

You and me not in a flight

but in an union of dancing flames

blending our voices

in the song of our heart