Beautiful closeness

I feel closer to you when I write beautiful words

when I describe my love for you

I feel you closer to my heart, almost within me

my heart is crying with joy in this togetherness

my mind is waiting as an expectant little child

won’t you join me in this happiness

won’t you let go your barriers and give me a sign of life

allow yourself to fill your parched lungs a little fuller

to let your heart beat a little louder

come to me, come to me

oh beautiful faerie of my dreams

I touch you with a single finger your temple

and I brush away all worries from there

I glimpse your truest face, its warmth, its beauty

as I saw it in my dream, as I saw it on yourself once

this soft-hearted and tender and emotional girl you are within

a heart crying to express himself more

a heart dreaming to embrace his twin

and the passion in your eyes and the fire within

and all the great things you will someday do


I long for these moments of intimacy in a town wrapped by night

your harsh side replies the past is gone, it’s time to move on

and he’s right, it’s time to move on

move on toward a brighter future


But all those are fears

the harshness within you isn’t yours

it’s the crust, the shield, your wound has built in to avoid being hurt again and again

but it’s preventing you from feeling joy too

and time has come to let down this shield

and let it return to dust


Be yourself, oh my twin

be yourself

I’ve missed you

and I’ve missed myself

Only you have this power to bridge us again

to lay this last missing brick you’ve been hiding

in the darkest castle of your realm


Hold my hands

hold both my hands

and look in my eyes

what do you see

what can you see

all this love, so powerful, too powerful

a burning love, a sweeping love

I shed a tear

hold my hands without fears

embrace me and let yourself melt in this embrace

embrace me and let yourself cry between my arms

I’m here for you, I share the pain of your wound, of my wound

I infuse your hands with warmth

and I let you flow within me

The circle is for an instant complete

an instant of foreverness

don’t move

don’t move

for here in my arms is the only solace we’ll in this world find

the love through which we will love ourselves and others

the light by which we will see