Empty words

Why do you give so much importance to words, oh beloved?

Words are empty, empty carcasses

Words are meaningless

Can words define a friendship?

Can words measure up to the infinity of love?

Can words distinguish the truth from the falsehood?

Can words explain God?

Can words bring back the past or shape the future?

No, no, no

Words are worthless when the dark ink on paper is crystallized into a universal truth, into irremovable facts

Words are a tool, an instrument

They are not an end in themselves

They are a mean

they bear colors, sounds, meanings, scents

Words fulfill their purpose once they are used to mirror truth and love

Once they are used as metaphors

Suggesting without saying

Showing without imposing


If I tell you I love you

If I reassure you about my feelings with words

Will it help you truly

Would these words I send you be a true expression of love

No, they wouldn’t

They would only mirror the emptiness you feel within

Find your wholeness within yourself

And I will find mine within myself

And once we both are in perfect balance

We won’t need anymore to tell one another about our love

for each of our act, each of our word, will be a mirror of love

and we will feel this truth within our heart