Dreaming of my dead great aunt


I dreamt of my great aunt

who died seven years ago


It’s not the first time I dream of her since she’s dead

but usually when I dreamed of her

I saw her old and weak

she was in the world of living

but she was more dead than alive and couldn’t speak

nor communicate with me

and those dreams made me sad


However, it’s the second time in the last months that this recurrent dream has evolved

yesterday night when I dreamt of her she was old, but she was able to speak and communicate

I knew that in reality she was dead, but she had a true presence in my dream, with the energy of when she was alive

and she spoke to me, I told her about my life choices

and she asked me again “min habib Rosi?” which translates as “who’s my sweetheart?”

she often told me those words when she was still alive

I was very bonded to her, she had been my doctor since I was born

she had taken care of me while my parents had traveled for a week or two when I was a toddler

later on I used to spend entire evenings with her playing words game

and accompany her to the door in the night as she produced out her pocket light and her gloves

and walked back to her house in the same neighborhood of our village


In my dream yesterday night she encouraged me to do my own choices, to follow my own path, not to be a slave of the past or the people around me

I believe that I was able to hear her more clearly because I’ve removed a blockage from my mind

it’s been years she tries to reach to me through my dreams, but I was still too closed of

and perhaps she too has become more skilled in reaching through


At the time I hadn’t fully understood, accepted to feel

how sad it is to see a person you love slowly decreasing, slowly becoming weaker and weaker until the inexorable end

and how sad it must have been for her siblings

It is sad because death bears an end meaning for us, human beings

we feel these moments will never return again, running away

But when you have such lucid dreams of the departed ones

you realize they still are alive, closer from you than you realize

and it’s only the mental barriers you’ve set around your heart

that prevent you from hearing them


And that’s a drawing for you my great aunt

that reminds me of the stone house of your parents

with the wild garden around

I hope you’re not missing the taste of figs and dates

and that you’re faring well in your works of love and healing in the spiritual world

But those are human worries

Of course you are full of peace and joy where you are ready to undertake new challenges

but before that you’d just like your loved ones

to have more faith in God

and not to suffer anymore because of your early leave



About Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Dear all, I will share with you many of my poems, short stories, drawings and paintings telling of my journey of self-discovery and my reflections about life, love, art, spirituality, sexuality, kundalini rise, and twin flames. They all fall within the realm of Hazen. May you have an inspiring visit!

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