I sometimes feel like singing

letting my voice burst out of my lungs

letting my hands play a swinging melody

putting all my emotions and my sadness

in this primary and raw way of expression


But I do not dare to sing

because I do not know how to sing

I get entirely lost within the rhythm

My voice is rusty and insecure

I am afraid to hear myself speaking out loud on my own

and singing is even worse when it resonates within the echo of an empty room


There is a knot in my throat

the Butterfly knot my wise faerie friend says

a knot where all emotions remain trapped

a knot where images and connections are stopped

a knot preventing me from seeing your face

from feeling your hands on mine

a knot it is time to confront and melt

with our written and sung words

with our painted and drawn colors


A little red ant is strolling on my keyboard

a life’s wink at how crucial the words I am writing are

how afraid of them you are, but also how willing to let them impregnate your mind

fill the silence with your voice, roaring, thumping, crying, laughing

find the deepest sadness in your heart and sing it

to make stones cry together with you




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