Blessed Witch

Your wish is to live as freely as a witch

taking and sending away new lovers

following the tides of your cravings


I tell you this is not freedom

True freedom is to be found within yourself

True freedom is not fulfilling your needs

and filling this gap of knowledge

with an alien presence


I tell you that as long as you remain true to yourself

as long as you don’t adapt your personality and your needs

for the lover you choose

I am not actively oppressed by your acts


However, I do not feel love either when you behave

as you believe witches can behave

No, all I feel is a dull sadness, an emptiness within

You’re not even filling your needs

you’re just sending me your emptiness to feel


True love tells you this is not how a proper witch behaves

taking a new lover each night is great in the excitement of the moment

but it keeps you trapped in this cycle of unwholeness

it keeps me trapped as well in this wheel of incompleteness

by taking a new lover each time you feel like

you’re just delaying, endlessly delaying what you truly ought to do


A blessed witch is not a bitch in heat

A blessed witch is not a woman that closes her eyes every night

not to read the falsehood of her act and herself in her partner’s eyes

A blessed witch loves truth as her only magical wand


Oh beloved, become this witch of poetry you once dreamt to be

this faerie who has sprouted in a tree in a cloud in a field of flowers

this faerie who has a face as beautiful as the sun and a night sky

you have faerie blood running in your veins

that recoils at the lack of poetry of your behaviors


Write and draw your story minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day

until everything will lay bare in ink on paper

the faerie you are, the witch you aren’t

the love, the truth and the shadows in you

In the past I helped you see the truth within my eyes, in my words

but now you have grown up and you will do it all alone

enough putting off, enough looking toward the future

instead start living the present truly

start striding on the path of your dream, one firm step after another

without stopping without thinking

just walk and walk your heart full of faith

just walk ever closer from love and truth and beauty

there’s nothing to gain by getting lost in the woods along the path

follow this silken road and let its light guide your path

even when the night shrouds everything in glooms

I am here walking by your side even when you don’t see me

even when you don’t feel me, I am here

walking and struggling too

mirroring you



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