Blessed battle

It is a war of every instant I’ve launched

a war where the firm reassurance of printed words is needed

in order to gain one battle after another

a loss is always dangerous because it dispirits troops

dampening the mood, and it may take several days, weeks, months

before a new position of force is reached


Don’t let the underground currents of this moving lake pull you down again

don’t let their bewitching mermaid tempt you where you should be firm and hold your ground

be wakeful at every instant of the moves of each of your soldiers

of each of your limbs, because that’s the only way to win this war against yourself

and learn to control your spirit and master your fears


Oh my twin of love and truth, hear me again in the night

as my determination sharpens

there will be no respite for you nor for me tomorrow

no respite in this deadly struggle that must bring the captain another rung lower

no more filling of emptiness in artificial ways

no more of dwelling in shadows instead of contemplating love

no more of fooling oneself and one’s truth

no more of gliding around gray days that can’t be distinguished from one another

no more of this meanless existence we’ve been leading for too long


That’s what I’ve decided for myself

that’s what you’ve decided for yourself

Now let’s stick to our vow and not divert from this warring path we have chosen


Upon those words

I wish you to find a healing sleep in the softness of your bed

and dream plentiful and luminous dreams that will make your heart beat

and your imagination buzz

and bring you back to the happiest moments of your life, and bring those moments back to you in a future that becomes present

and may you wake up tomorrow with a childish excitement to live and create and go outdoors watch the shades under the tree and marvel in front of the sky and feel the breeze moving in your veins

may tomorrow be the turning point you had long waited for

and rest blessed, rest blessed until the light touches the earth anew