Times of joy

Thank you for all the tenderness you’ve given me and you still give me

Thank you for all the caresses on your body against my body

of your bewitching hands and lips on my body

Thank you for the caresses of your smiling eyes and your words

that I appreciate even more than those of your hands

that fill me even more completely

Thank you for having been and being my journey companion

Thank you for being always here when I need you, and even when I don’t know that I need you

Thank for having taken care of me as though I were your small brother, or your son

Thank you for having showered me with all this tenderness and unconditional love

Thank you for having helped me to uncover and heal my deepest wounds, and still helping me every day that passes

Thank you, dear faerie sister of mine, I will never forget all what you have done with me

and our bond goes far beyond fears and time that passes

our bond is a joyful garden we share with a little river and so many flowery bushes and trees and grass and mushrooms and colored birds and hares and hedgehogs and so many other little wild animals that dwell there

this place where we have dwelled and will continue dwelling together with our twins, these halves of our soul that is one in truth



“Times of joy” is a drawing of my childhood