Ride the dragon of your heart

I understand better my passion for meteorology

my frustration at storms that take time to unravel in warm and dry climates

it starts raining and then it stops for ten hours in a row

too violent winds blow carrying the clouds away

without a single drop of water falling from the skies


What happens above our heads is nothing but a metaphor

an image of what happens within our heads

of this inner struggle of masses of cold and warm air

this tug of war between cravings and volition

Our spirit is like a clear sky

it does not take sides

it just lets things happen

watching as one side wins a battle

thinking it has already won the war


This inner struggle is almost mathematical

you are trapped within a series of numbers that behaves in a certain fashion

you need to understand how this series work, how this program functions

to break out the loop

and it is so complex a program it takes live after live and year after year

to be entirely mastered


Our spirit, is programmed to behave in a certain way

result of the sum of our ego, the body we dwell in

and all the experiences and wounds we have accumulated over past lives

We are programmed to remain trapped in vicious cycle of ups and lows

Until we understand truly the role and the weight of each variable

until we learn to see our shadows not as our enemies

but as just another variable to twist around to make the program react

And then, we become like a musician trying to play the perfect melody

the melody that will make everything fit into place

the melody that will fall down walls

the melody that will deprogram the loop we are trapped in

a melody so potent and so truthful and so beautiful it knows no constraint

a storm within our heart, our stomach, our limbs

a storm from within that gathers momentum

a storm that grows and grows until it becomes a dragon


Oh dear play some beautiful music

paint some beautiful canvases

write some beautiful poems

and add their power together

to awaken this dragon sleeping in your heart

for the dragon is the only salvation

his fiery breath will melt metal and unbolt stones

his stomping legs will crush cars and highways and electrical wires

and finally the garden that has been stifled by concrete and asphalt

for years and years now will be watered by the rain

and it will start sprouting again between the cracks the dragon will provoke

where there were boring buildings and roads

forests and grove and orchards will see the light

and with their sweetness and their love

they will mend the wounded soil

and bees and butterflies and birds will return

and fill the silence with their chants

in what had become a desert


Oh dear, reawaken this dragon in your heart

caress it gently and don’t be too shy

he won’t harm you, no he won’t

and ride him across the skies of your spirit

and burn and destroy and unbolt

all what has been weighing on you

let your anger savagely explode

and in this heavenly clash

admire the rain of rebirth that falls