Renewed clarity

The forest is empty

and leafless

and cold

Crows are hunting

at night

cracking the highest boughs


I step fearlessly among trees

with a new determination

beating its tune in my heart

in the back of my head


For months I had lain down my volition

to let the tides of life in and out

and let my shadows express themselves

and find a balance between myself and others

between my twin and my faerie sister

between the bridge and the constellation


For months I’ve learnt the ways of life

I have explored every shadow

I have been tested again and again

in every possible situation


For months I’ve let everything in and out

I didn’t have the energy nor the clarity

to grow into my true self

to strive to be focused

Until I touched the depth of my shadows

and leapt on the rocky ground under my feet


For months I forgot about your face, your eyes

but tonight while peering in the mirror

I saw your eyes, I saw you

I feel you again within me

tightening in a deadly embrace

battling one another

spirit against spirit

united within the same soul

the same love

the same Dream


Now each time my body, my mind

craves a shadow

I have the strength, the clarity

to resist

and I inwardly rejoice

at forcing you do the same


But now, enough battle talks

and instead let’s let tenderness whisper

Give me your hand, your left writer’s hand

and give your other hand to your faerie brother

while I give mine to my faerie sister

and let’s grow together

in our dreamed selves


We’re growing in loneliness

each of us living in a different town

calling home a different place

but our spirits join their beams of light

in a heavenly embrace