Painting joy

Inner storm - Erik Zakhia - painting - sky

It brings me such a brisk joy

to have finished a painting of my own

and wait until it has dried to photograph it

While correcting the picture I ponder upon the sense

of the painting I’ve just painted

And when I come to write about it

I feel waves of happiness within me

I’m like a fish living in an aquarium

suddenly thrown into an ocean

I delve into its depth looking for all its wonders


Awaiting the painting that dries can be frustrating too

when I use too much water, when I add layer upon layer of paint

I feel a storm of words raging within me

but I’m divided on what to write

on which painting to use

on whether to wait mine has dried up

or find a correspondence with one of your drawings


I realize while writing this poem I must paint and draw more often

creating visual images helps me make use of my left arm

when while writing I use much more my right arm than my left arm

my right brain than my left brain

that’s how I will win over my shadows which stem from my left side

by drawing and painting, I burn the fuel shadows use to kindle themselves

I create obstacles in front of my rolling cravings


Tonight I hold a new little piece of the puzzle to wholeness

It is writing about my painting that brought me to this new realization

And that’s why I love doing it so much

Watching my spirit as a tiny new star appears in the sky

as a new light is born, a new bond forms



“A lull in the storm” is a watercolor I painted