Embrace me mother

This is an ode

from a twin flame child

to her parents


A long time ago it was decided

we’d unite our fate in life


Even if you can’t remember

you chose this life you are living

you chose it because you thought

it could help you improving

and reach your aim of fortifying your soul

awakening to its unique Gift and Dream


Even if you can’t remember

you had chosen me as a child

in full knowledge I would be such a hassle for you

I’m an edge dancer, that’s what I am

always dancing between sanity and madness

always dancing on a thin bough bridging the valley of my soul

and the valley of my twin

And you, poor of you

are afraid that I fall

constantly terrified

that I break my nose and my head

on the hard rocky needles underneath


No, I won’t break myself, I won’t

for lives and lives I’ve studied this dance

I’ve prepared each step of this choreography

I know perfectly what I’m doing

and I never choose the easy way, the easy motion

what point would there be to come to Earth, if it wall was obvious

no, what I’m doing is the right thing

I’m dancing this dance in front of a gate

the gate to the world of my Dream

that will magically open once I’ll have completed this dance


Now the moment has come that you start trusting your daughter

she won’t fall down, no she won’t

can’t you see the wings that are already sprouting on her back, on her arms

this dance is awakening her body to her true nature

this dance is bringing her soul into consciousness

when she’ll have completed this dance she’ll be an angel

freer of her motions than a bird as she can even dive underwater

and explore the underground worlds of her ocean to her whims

when she’ll have completed this dance she’ll be an angel

rising to the stars, flying from land to land, from kingdom to kingdom

but before that, you need to leap in your faith and start trusting the divine

you need to start trusting life and trusting your heart

your dreams are the only truth that exists

perhaps they won’t unravel yet as you imagine them

but you lose nothing to wait, as your Dream strengthens itself

and its contour become clearer and sharper

don’t forget that you have chosen this life

you have chosen this daughter you have

because you knew you’d help each other and teach one another valuable lessons

time has come to bury spite and fear and anguishes

and instead trust in this light you perceive far in the horizon

trust to this life and embrace your daughter

embrace me mother, like you have never embraced me

embrace me mother, like you someday wish to be embraced

embrace me and our worries will be over

embrace me now