The Battle Cry

Oh faerie sister of mine

time has come to join our forces

and unite our hearts in love

Throwing ourselves in this battle

in this bloodshed

shoulder against shoulder

arm against arm

paint brush and pen

bow and battle axe

as the sister and brother of blood we are


To survive the Everstorm

and ride its deadly whirlwinds

we need to stop doubting

of one another loyalty

we need to have entire faith

in both our Gifts

and our Dreams


and bridging the river

where we drink and refresh ourselves

with their colorful boughs


Oh faerie sister of mine

do you remember why we have come down on this Earth

do you remember the promise we made one another

a long time ago that isn’t so far, that is coming closer and closer

can you hear the battle cry I launch

in your inner ears, in your heart

we aren’t alone tonight

we are in a forest where many trees have souls and eyes

many trees are starting to stir

hearing our fierce cry

Time has come to unite

and fight together with the Everstorm

our deadly woes