A journey to yourself

For you who are feeling dispirited

at the lack of authenticity and truthfulness

of people around yourself


For you who are trodding on the path of life

one painful step after another

without hope of a brighter present


For you who have stopped believing in love

and dwell into your rational mind

out of fear of listening to your heart


For you who reject one part of yourself

for you who’s holding yourself prisoner

of the very walls you’ve built

and hear the voice of your inner child crying in agony

at the meaninglessness of all what you do

and all what surrounds you


For you I am writing down these words

I am laying before your eyes

the truth as I perceive it

beneath the layers upon layers of dirt

that have accumulated

on the inner glacier of your heart


To let this eternal snow shine again

under a bright morning sun

you must learn to listen again


For years you have been deaf

you have cut yourself from the melody of the universe

you have prevented the music of your soul from reaching your ears


Listen, listen to the rustling of wind in high tree leaves

listen to bird singing

listen to the sound of waves crashing on sand and rocks and pebbles

and remember the different melodies each produces

take the time to listen

time, that’s one full dimension of the problem

time running so scarce

listen, listen to the sounds around

and listen to the music within

listen to your emotions

listen to your sadness

listen to your anger

listen to your brighter hopes

listen to your intuitions

listen to your nagging feelings

as long as you will deprive yourself of your attention

you will remain trapped in this pattern


There’s a whole world of magic hiding within you

but you have cut yourself from it

there’s a world where rivers of truth and love flow

where you can crouch and cup your hands

and drink directly the bliss of that river

in these worlds you become one with this river flowing within you

this truth and this love start running in your blood

they warm your heart, they illuminate your mind

you become your better self

you retrieve your unity


The answer lies within and not outside yourself

the world is gray and dreary around you

because that’s how you’ve chosen to experience it

Forget about people, forget about news, forget about social media

focus on yourself

on retrieving those natural skills of yours that lie dormant in your soul

grab a pen and a copybook

and draw what you see, what you imagine

often imagination is closer to your truth, because it stems from your unconscious

this bridge between yourself and your soul

write, write what comes to your mind, what comes to your heart

and confront these inner voices of yours

which ones stem from love and light

which ones instead take their root in fear

the fear not to be happy

the fear to be rejected

the fear to fail

the fear to be wrong

the fear to suffer

differentiate these voices

cast away all what is suggested by your fears

focus on what brings warmth to your heart

your deepest desires, your brightest dreams

are the truth of this world

trust them, trust them

they are the only truth

everything else are lies and fears

drop everything and go for a morning

or night walk

let your feet guide you out of the city

reach a river

approach the sea

penetrate a forest

climb a hill

and let your thoughts wander

in this newfound freedom