Silent Bond

The solace I discover in intent silence is not the same I find in words When I look into you and just focus on our bond I feel much closer to you and my heart lightens and a smile beams across my face  

Iced Land

Slowly the North Pole is melting an iced land is eaten away by the ocean and the geography I studied when I was a kid starts shifting islands disappear under the rising seas coastlines retreat further and further what was knowledge, stable truth, is proved wrong temperatures rise, what were mild gardens become torrid steppes … Continue reading Iced Land


I wander on a scrubland with strange orange yellow mountains I’ve never been to this place yet it is somehow familiar I like to watch at the sky, the fading hues of blue and violet but the vegetation around me is anguishing it hides things I cannot see dangerous shadows seeming ghosts of a dead … Continue reading Scrublands


On the path to become myself I found out discipline was important not discipline as a rigid application of rules for years I made a rule of not following rules and conventions blindly to only do what felt right uncaring of what laws and society tried to impose on me And sometimes I wrongly assumed … Continue reading Discipline

Shadow me

A dull sensation of not being loved of despair the fear never to be happy never to find this love I’ve long sought Each time I interact with you, with your ghost behind this wall this fear seizes me this despair grips me what I’ve been waiting for will never come you don’t want of … Continue reading Shadow me


You are hunted and haunted you’re like a wild animal running in the forest running, running, running from herself but each time you arrive at a crossroad you see that your followers have gained ground and you start running even more frantically in another direction   No, no, no, no, no you don’t want to … Continue reading Hunted


I woke up but the day was gray the sky overcast and my heart chilled you were far far away when you had been so closed and it seemed like days and days must elapse before feeling the warmth of closeness again   But what I understood is that it’s not only the distance between … Continue reading Distance


You’re waiting for me to write you I recognize that feeling but I’m quietly reading in the library in front of city shrouded in layers of gray huddled houses of gray tone with the subtlest touch of green red tiled roofs that have become brown and a couple of pale green needles that of the … Continue reading Reading


My voice is a bellow I've decided to give in to my shadows Controlling you, telling you what to do and not to do Defining how your love for me should be   But I'm not happier after writing these words I've understood today intensity and fierceness were in a certain way a shadow the … Continue reading Bellow

Free me

From the way the back of my head throbs and cracks I believe you’re reading me, you’ve received my words not only in your heart but before your eyes   Do do do do something I want my words to be shaped by the music I listen to do something with the emotions you are … Continue reading Free me


So this is what you’ve been hiding all along so ashamed and afraid were you to show your inner weaknesses to the world   Look at the color of rust your wound has assumed and the dried blood and the grayness of the skin around   How could you live for so long with such … Continue reading Wound

Frozen Sea

Have you ever heard of a sea so stubborn it refused to move with the wind and reflect the clouds in the sky   A frozen sea showing only the most subdued of its colors on the surface when everything indicates that deep beneath precious metals exist   Not slightest breeze nor the strongest gale … Continue reading Frozen Sea


There still is something I refuse to see in myself an awkwardness I deny to my paintings When it shows up I try to fight it with colors with my fierceness, and won’t hesitate to add layer after layer of paint to masquerade it, to transform it, to destroy it   Should I accept the … Continue reading Denial


I’m learning still Learning to channel my emotions Learning to translate in words and pictures the stories my soul whispers in my ear My writings and my paintings may be imperfect but these imperfections will wipe away with time and what will remain is the truth behind them the missing spark that can warm a … Continue reading Learning

Red Storm

Oh my twin of sorrow and joy have you seen this red storm gathering above the horizon   Landscapes that were green and peaceful once are now awaiting this strange storm with anxiousness and curiosity   Can you tell what will happen when the green and the red will clash and mix and blend   … Continue reading Red Storm


The clouds are breaking apart and the sky is clearing revealing new directions in which to go new possibilities to explore new gifts to uncover   Oh faithful mirror of mine My love for you is renewing, expanding swelling and burning into my chest   You’re hiding in the clouds but I’m following you into … Continue reading Clearing

It all is a doubt

Turning toward the love in us is the only way to heal the only way to bear the pain of this emptiness Find this love, delve into it, cherish it Only love is true Only love is endless Only love will lend you strength Only love will bring you to happiness


I must now attempt to heal this febrility that plagues all the days of my life by disrupting my focus by making me do things I don’t truly want to do carried by an anguished energy   This craving to increase the number of my followers on social media to see their number rise, is … Continue reading Febrility


No This is not what you want to do It is not Not at all It will dry up your creativity not trigger it as you wish Enough Enough of it Enough living the life you don’t want to live Enough doing the things you don’t want to do Let go of expectations Accept to … Continue reading No


Oh beloved why don’t you feel like doing the right things for you this morning why does it take you so much energy to disentangle from your old, inert patterns why is it so hard to start writing the words you ought to write

Empty words

Why do you give so much importance to words, oh beloved? Words are empty, empty carcasses Words are meaningless Can words define a friendship? Can words measure up to the infinity of love? Can words distinguish the truth from the falsehood? Can words explain God? Can words bring back the past or shape the future? … Continue reading Empty words

Falling snow

Flakes of snow are quietly falling from the sky in a gentle dance for the eyes they noiselessly cover the soil shrouding the landscape in a velvety silence   They slow and accelerate and slow in their swirling patterns, going forward and backward and forward as though undecided on the direction to go the place … Continue reading Falling snow

Van Goch

A very long time ago I had drawn this portrait of Van Gogh I had called Van Goch I don’t even remember why I chose him and all that is left to me is guessing     All your life you’ve been inhabited by the fires of passion a passion burning warm inside tightening your … Continue reading Van Goch


Tell me what’s more beautiful and exciting in life than finding new connections between ideas you toy with and with people you meet   Creating new connections between our thoughts is alike to the work of a master builder once an idea is fortified with a second and a third and a fourth idea it … Continue reading Connections