Gate to Hazen

Gate to Hazen

The gate to Hazen

resembles a whirlwind

a conic seashell

a well with a diameter getting smaller and smaller

It’s a maze where to walk one ring at a time

with the risk of getting lost on the way

because of the intense bouts of haze

floating around, eager to mislead you from your path

The question is how to get out from this maze

The answer is time and growing consciousness

Beyond this whirlwind of stone and shadows

a bright light shines

another world exists


Each person has his or her Hazen

without being aware of it perhaps

but it is there present within the memory and the imagination of their soul

an entire world encompassing past, present and future

an ever growing town with the grandest library in the world

I’ve coined it Hazen

but you can call it as you like it best

using the name that evokes the most meaning for you


After unlocking my own Hazen

and stepping there

my aim is to offer you some help

a bit of warmth and light and guidance

a cold drink or a hot stone

and a compass perhaps

along the tiring way you’ve been journeying on

to fulfill your own personal legend



“Gate to Hazen” is a watercolor I painted