I wonder if I once lived in Atlantis

or in another mythical place where

a cataclysm destroyed civilization


My mathematical mind

is very keen on studying

the evolution of global warming

in the places where I’ve inhabited

but also in random places in the world


When this anguish rises within me

as a dark smoke obscuring my view

I’m capable of studying temperature

and precipitation statistics

for two hours in a raw

despairing of how much temperatures

have been increasing over the last two decades

imagining how much they will continue evolving

as the world is like a launched train at a crazy speed

that won’t be stopped before the impact with the wall

the mountain of problems and wars

where it is heading


For now we go on with our daily life of comfort

but catastrophes are looming, darkening the horizon

and how can I continue walking on the path of life

looking at this growing darkness in the sky

I can ignore it, of course, try forgetting about it

I can trust heaven, that the havoc this darkness will cause

will bring more light within the hearts of men

but still, it anguishes me to see there’s no going back

to realize the winters of my childhood almost thirty years ago

will not come back

and that in a land suspended between European and African influences

we’ll have to pray to still get a bit of rain and snow on the mountains


The amount of carbon dioxide is yearly increasing in the atmosphere

the ozone layer has been thinned to a worrying levels

the natural balance is in havoc as more animals and plants

are wiped out from their habitats

and men continue to accelerate the speed of this launched train of humanity

with no possibility of slowing it even


All this sounds familiar in a way

men’s lack of vision

excessive brilliancy that meets decay

I wonder what’s the saddest in this story

is it the fear of the cataclysms to come

or simply the physical proof

that my childhood is gone for good


I’m afraid my homeland will lack of water

I’m afraid of these dusty days that have become more and more frequent

and bring the desert warmth and dryness with them

I’m afraid of the torrid uncomfortable temperatures

in what used to be a place of mildness

I’m afraid to lose the marvelous vitality of the soil

that lets so many species grow

I’m afraid of the rising seas

that will eat away the beaches

where I loved to stroll


And yet, I’m not truly afraid of all that

global warming won’t destroy poetry and beauty

a few degrees rise in temperatures is nothing

just mathematics meaningful to my rational mind

What I’m mourning instead is the lost of the past

the times of thoughtlessness and easy love

and simple happiness surrounded by a warm family

these times that won’t come back, not in the form I knew them


And yet I am walking toward steady happiness

when the happiness of my childhood was ephemeral and misleading

And I should be at peace with my past, without letting nostalgia trouble me


The true cause of this anguished feeling of mine

is your lost heaven

you who have walled yourself in silence

you have lost your childhood

and never mourned your own loss

repressing that anger, that sadness

soaking me through with the emotions you did not want

you were too afraid to live


Time has now come

to take from me what belongs to you

this lost Atlantis of your child’s heart

Take it and live it and heal it

and let me taste to inner peace


And when your heart will be light again

come to me

and together we’ll build

the Atlantis of our dreams