The cycle to rebirth

Clear frosty day












Sometimes the strongest texts are built

after a period of silence, a lull


I feel that you are missing me this morning

I feel that you’re waiting to receive my words

and I won’t deprive you of them, not anymore



It was a clear wintry day of frost

all the landscape was frozen in pale layers

of blues and violets and white

and unbroken quietness reigned


A tree started to sprout

growing toward the shadow of the sun

but from the start it grew in the wrong direction, the wrong fashion

for the reflection of the sun is not the sun itself

and its foliage and boughs were so compact and tight

they didn’t let the wind in

and were deprived from its melody and its guidance


I tried to correct the course of its growth

but as I corrected, defects accentuated

becoming more and more obvious and disturbing to the sight

and seeing that small measures wouldn’t achieve what I wanted

I understood I needed to have the courage to uproot this tree

to blow it apart, even when I had spent years watering it

I had to accept that all this effort had gone in vain

but not truly in vain as I had understood precious learnings

not to repeat my past errors


And so I blew apart my tree of life

welcoming death open armed

the peaceful landscape lit with a shadowed sun

was now troubled with a thick cloud of haze and smoke

remainments of what my tree had once been


But my work was not complete yet

I now needed the force and the courage to uproot myself from the grandness of these mountains

I needed to accept that the last traces of this life were canceled

and submit myself again to the wheel of destiny

with the faith and the knowledge

that my fate would be fairer and brighter

the next time I chose to step on a tiny traveling cloud

a small droplet of colored water

surrendering to the whimsical power of heaven’s breeze