Why am I not speaking to you, you ask me

what I can tell you is that it is as difficult for me

as it is for you

and this silence weighs on me as much as it weighs on you

I feel oppressed and lonely and unable to sleep

but it would be wrong to write you just to reassure you

it would come from a lack of faith in your wisdom, in your love

the wind of change must come from within you

a whirlwind of colors on paper

that will bring a new light to your life

and remember that even when I am silent and uncommunicative

I still bear you within my heart

and the pigeon carriers of our metaphors

will fly toward one another

in shorter time than you believe and fear

and we will then congratulate one another on being so strong and determined

to have progressed of another leapt toward love

trust this silence, trust me, trust life

and you won’t be disappointed

now put your heart at peace and sleep

for tomorrow is another day, another beginning