Healing pain

I’m hurting you where it’s the most painful

my words magically assembled in a key

to open the secret doors of your memory


I’m hurting you not out of cruelty

but out of too much love

a love that is so deep it knows no barrier

no borders, no confines

a love so strong it flows from my soul to yours

passing under and above the fortifications you’ve built

a love so potent it melts the stone and burns the wood

and unknots the stitches hiding unhealed wounds


Oh beloved, accept this pain for it is the cure

my words and my gaze will rip open your heart

and you will bleed like you have never bled, fainting out

but once you’ll wake up, a healing warmth will bathe

your body and your spirit in renewal and rebirth

and you will feel young and light as you have not felt for ages

and you will frolic in the wind like when you were a child

with the difference that your thoughts will be so transparent

and alive and edgy they’ll bare the world around you