The drawing of my childhood

The drawing of my childhood

I’ve drawn for you a house

a house I many times imagined

replicating long-forgotten traits

once so familiar to my hand


It’s a house of love and brightness

a house full of life and plants

its walls are of well-cut stones draped in white

and its roof is tiled in red

with little turrets where you can take the wind

and watch the garden live without interfering

and write and paint in the quietness you wished for


The trees are tall and they have a life of their own

they’re home to birds and worms and other creatures

but shhh, I won’t tell you more about them

you have to come to see by yourself

there’s a little pond too with water lilies

and many bushes and wild flowers


Your room has a large creamy bed

that has been specially tailored for you

To find sleep as soon as you touch its sheets

and grant all the dreams your heart desires

It has large windows giving on the four sides of the garden

and several balconies with trees and shrubs already yielding refreshing fruits

and many floors and stairways

some apparent and the others secret


Your room is not a normal, boring, confining room

It is a world where to dwell and dream

and free your imagination

turning into the child you once were

this sensitive soul marveling before each mushroom and each tiny beetle

and finding magic in every little thing


I fell in love with this sensitive girl I’ve recognized within you

remembering I always loved her and looked for her, even when I didn’t know

and this house is my present for her

will you let her come play with me?