Mechanical “likes”

How much feedback

how many likes and comments

are given in sincere, soulful appreciation

of your work

How many instead

are just showered on you

as a way to attract you

to the beholder’s website


It’s when I’ve understood that many of the likes I was getting were mechanically given

that I made peace with myself not to have many readers, not to strive to attract new ones everyday

for I understood that the only way to truly, exponentially grow

was to just like and comment a hundred, even hundreds of, random post every day

That’s the initial strategy of successful bloggers, successful instagrammers

interact with others, show your appreciation of their content in a relatively costless way (but how can you truly appreciate one hundred poems every day?)

and get them to visit and subscribe to your page


A couple of times I’ve tried doing that, so taken I was with social media fever

I’m a writer and I sometimes believe I need an audience to write

but it left me with an empty feeling liking posts I had barely read, or not even read

to justify my act, I told to myself that all these people writing were doing the right thing for them, and even if I didn’t read what they wrote, showing them some positive appreciation would only encourage them

However at the end of the day what fulfills me truly is writing, and being taken by social media fever is time and energy consuming

and when I saw how little sincerity I had when it happened, I understood how little sincerity other people who have thousands of followers and come like my posts have when they do it

and this understanding helped me heal

I accepted that for now I must write and write until all the pieces of the puzzle will come together, until I will publish books and novels

until then, it doesn’t matter how few people read me; what matters is that I go on with my story

with all these words and poems that are blocking and burning my throat and only ask to be expressed and freed

and fly like graceful butterflies taking their first flight


Look at how colorful the butterflies that have escaped my throat are

let them play in the garden of your hearts

and pollinate the flowers and the bushes that grow there