Peasant I was born

and peasant I will remain

No matter how much you insist

I will keep my withered clothes

and my muddy boots

No, I won’t clothe myself like you

I won’t clothe myself like the people who killed my family

and abused me for years

I am a poor man and I am proud of my origins

proud of my simplicity and my humbleness

proud of my parents who sacrificed their life to their children and their land

Even if I have become the wealthiest citizen of the town

I will honor their memory, my past

And I will not clothe myself nor behave like you

For I am a peasant in the heart

A son of the land and the moors

of high summer sun and full moon meadows

I am son of the wind, the rain and the fire churning up the land and the sky alike

I am son of the daisies and the butterflies and the snails

Nature has been my mother and my sole learning book

the only one I could touch, the only one loving enough to reveal itself to me

and I won’t turn my back toward it

even when I possess all the lands surrounding our town

not a forest will be cut

not a marsh will be drained

not a hill will be uprooted

For I respect the rocks and the birds

more than I respect you

And I will take a savage pleasure to stain your marble floors

with my muddy boots

and break your crystal and ruin your tablecloth

by dropping the wine cup you’ve offered me

and hurt your ears

with the roughness of my accent

this accent you used to mock each time my parents opened their mouth

this accent you’re now ready to kiss and embrace

because I have more money than you do

But you won’t have this satisfaction

hyena that you are

you won’t have it and I won’t collaborate with you

and I’ll keep true to myself, true to whom I am, true to the life I’ve lead until now

even if the sugary sweetness disappear from your words

and you start threatening me with your thugs and your dogs

I won’t step back, I won’t comply with your rules, I won’t become your puppet

Here I am, waiting for your wickedness

in the darkness of my house in the midst of fields

this house my parents used to inhabit

and as I write these final words I can already hear the barking of ill-tempered dogs

and the laugh of sick, ill-tempered humans

my hour has come, but I will leave this world upright

as I’ve lived all my life

without shadows looming over my heart

I will fight before dying with my axe

I will fight against your dogs and your men, your men and your dogs

both soulless creatures only raised to harm

I will fight, and I will die

for that’s what I read in the stars

I will die a horrible death

that will leave its marks on my body and my soul

but my heart will keep its light untouched

and with this light, my soul and my body

will someday heal

I will die in the memory of my parents who have died too

I will delight in these sufferings you will inflict me

the same sufferings you have inflicted to them ten years ago

I will die, spitting on your face, on this soulless face

screaming for your soul to awaken within this brutal body, cruel mind

I will die, without fears of death

for I have lived as I wished too


Farewell to thee oh my love I have never been with

You are my only regret in this world, in this country where I’ve lived

But don’t cry too much, for once your tears dry up we will meet again

someday we will meet again

and the sun will shine upon our fate

and our hands will unite forever

far from this misty darkness where we’ve lived all this life

Farewell to thee oh my love

Farewell to thee