Magical apples

You are a beautiful tree

bearing fruits of love and truth

Don’t be afraid of passers-by

Don’t hide your talent in the forest

No, accept to stand in the middle of the plain

and give away your apples of love

to all those who come close to you


It’s useless to jealously keep

all the fruits you have produced

After all, remember you are a child of love

love is infinite

and divinely works within you

As many apples as you’ll give

twice as many apples you’ll nurture

Be generous

Offer your shade and your refreshment

to the withered traveler

and help him stay on the path of his dreams

And inspiration will be generous with you too

and you will shape the most beautiful apples that ever saw the light


The apples you bear are magical

Some travelers will pick up one

and hold it preciously against their chest

as a ball of light and warmth

Other travelers may throw it away after a while

the apple may stay in the sand for a long time

before being picked up again by a fellow journeyer

who notices its shine despite its dust

The apple may be eaten too

but trust to life to give a second life to its seeds

which might become trees in turn, or enrich the soil where they have fallen


Learn to differentiate between the apples you bear

Those that are already half-eaten by birds or damaged by hail

keep, except if a passerby is intent on picking one of them

and wait until they fall and enhance the soil with their nutrients

Those that are in good shapes

you can offer to journeyers who find truth and beauty within

for free, or in exchange of a bit of water if you are thirsty

And the apples that have the faerie light shining within them

those, are untouchable

no one should lay hand upon

not in exchange of any amount of water, or money

those are the ones from which other trees will sprout

Trees within a tree

until your tree becomes a forest of trees

feeding not one kingdom, but a thousand of them




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