The last confrontation

I’m confronting you yet another time

but this time I’m confronting myself as well


Time has come that you expose your weakness to the world

time has come you stop lying to yourself, and stop lying to others

time has come you truly grow and confront everything and everyone preventing you from being who you dream to be, who you are


Time has come that I muster the strength to start walking straight

without carrying all this burden that is mine only in half and that was bending my head and curving my shoulders under its weight all along

Time has come that you start carrying your own burden

and you experiment for a while how it feels to bend your neck and founder under the weight of the pain and the sadness

and you experience solitude and loneliness

and you learn to find true solace within yourself, in writing and drawing and singing


That’s my prayer, for you

That’s my prayer, for myself



I know, I know

you want these things as much as I want them

and I’ve been blocking you from being your true self

as much as you’ve been hampering me from being myself

and your sufferings have been mine

and my sufferings have been yours

Time has come to mold our tomahawks in fire

and use their iron to strengthen the city of our heart

Time has come to join and unite our efforts

to step into the world of our Dream