Peace of mind

I need to find the peace of mind

the peace of heart

to write, write, and write

no matter how many persons

read what I write


Social media drive me crazy


I become in a frenzy to reach to more and more people

possibilities are endless

but my means are weak and limited


It is strange to interact with other souls

in such a dehumanized universe

of likes and follows and hashtags

it dehumanized me too, and I start counting likes and followers

when it shouldn’t matter

when it didn’t matter two months ago


And I forget my Dream in the process

I get lost in the undergrowths along my way in the forest

surrendering to the craving of artificially filling

this emptiness within me

this gap in my mind in my heart

between me and Truth, me and Love


As long as I don’t close this gap in a proper way

with a beautiful and slender arched bridge of stones

It won’t help to throw rocks and garbage in the canyon

For the violent waters that seethe there

will carry everything away

and all my efforts would have been vain